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If you have questions about our facility, a unit, or your lease, please feel free to call us or use the contact form below. We appreciate and value any feedback.



Our rate are depending on size and type of storage. Please call for our latest price and availability. At various times throughout the year, we run special pricing on particular units based upon availability. All rates come with a one year guarantee.
Availability changes on a daily basis. In order to make sure that the space you want is available when you need it, we recommend you call to make a reservation.
You may carry your own insurance. Check your homeowner's or renter's policy to see if you are already covered. Insurance is the tenant's responsibility.
We provide you with a free lock upon leasing a unit. You are the only person with access to your unit. We do not have a key to your storage unit.
We accept payments via cash, check, credit card, and money order. You may pay by phone or online once you have made the initial payment in person (unless you have access to a fax machine). You can also give us signed permission to charge your credit card or to set up automatic monthly bank draft. Please do not put cash in the night payment slot.
The minimum rental period is one month. Rent is due on the first day of the month.
You will need a valid driver's license or federal ID with a picture to lease a unit.
For a list of available supplies that we carry in our office and pricing, please download the supply list.
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